Being Gross

30 03 2012

After 2 weeks of being sick and 2 weekends of traveling, I’m so looking forward to a full-out rest this weekend. Last weekend in Orlando, we discovered this new place that sells macarons. They even have a basil and white chocolate one- whaaaat! It’s crazy-awesome. But when you’re sick, it kinda goes like this:

Sorry for the dumb sketch. In my defense, I still feel blah. He really had to get water for me. 😦 Here’s a cool photo to make up for it:

Prato in Winter Park, FL

My friend and I stumbled upon Prato in Winter Park last December and knew we had to go for our next reunion. Plants in a wall + firey lamps + cool Ikea-looking lights = yes, please. Very good attentive hostesses who luckily sat us in a booth. The pizza I got was alright, but the marscapone polenta was to die for. We sat around drinking wine for like 2+ hours later; the waitress’s desire for us to get the hell out was pretty apparent. Overall though, awesome ambiance, and I’d go again.




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