How many reality stars does it take…?

8 09 2011

VH1’s reality show Famous Foods was playing on marathon while I cooked a massive tofu dinner tonight. The concept is for a bunch of “stars” to plan, design, and open a restaurant while competing for a spot as a partner. Some guy got kicked off  for getting drunk and throwing lemons around, so I only drew the last 6. Fun, but hard to do T.V. drawings. Scenes switch so fast, you kind of just have to cartoonize and pick out notable features. I failed with Ashley’s face. Danielle is missing a hint of scorn in her expression..

I’m starting to sketch upside down in the book, because being left handed smudges everything.

Clockwise, L to R: DJ Paul, Danielle, Vince, Ashley, Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka...Did I get the names right?




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