Countdown til AT

5 09 2011
Adventure Time consumes my brain.  Tonight’s the big gender bent eppy with NPH’s “so. very. large” line…and Prince Gumball! Drew a little Adventure Time-ish styled ladies’ night pic. Single ladies always talk about boys; it’s inevitable.  I, being superficial, want to wear high heels and still be shorter than a guy; Kim wants someone she won’t have to convert, while Lisa has her man. Ooh la la.

What time is it? Pompomtini time!

 Always do these sketches super fast and make a ton of lazy errors. (Light source? What’s that?) But for the record, my eyes are supposed to be staring dreamily upward, not at Lisa’s thought bubble boyfriend.

PS – “Doctor Princess” is from the eppy where Gunter is preggers and hatches the cat in my previous sketch. 😛




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